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Project context


To pave the way with strategies to fight against climate change, countries are effectively engaging at national and local levels to meet global agreements. As countries are starting to engage relevant stakeholder groups in developing and implementing their REDD+ strategies, there’s need to invest in awareness raising and capacity building of civil society and local communities in the south; engage them in all phases of REDD+; and build a knowledge base on climate change and REDD+, so as to empower them to translate global knowledge into actionable plans at the national and regional levels.

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance is currently implementing a World Bank (FCPF) funded project dubbed “The Pan African Civil Society FCPF Capacity Building Program on REDD+which is aimed at building the capacity of African Civil Society and Local Communities on REDD+ in order to strengthen the knowledge of targeted southern civil society organizations and local communities on REDD+ Readiness at the national level and Knowledge exchange at the regional level. In Madagascar, country level capacity building activities are implemented by Gasy Youth Up under the project titled “Miara- Mikajy ny Tontolo (protecting and conserving the environment together).

Miara- Mikajy ny Tontolo (protecting and conserving the environment together) with the key goal of strengthening the capacity of youth leaders across Madagascar ( mainly Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Antananarivo to lead bold local initiatives in promoting climate change mitigation and building the capacity on REDD+ and the environment protection and conservation in general.

Capacity building

 ( Toamasina, Mahajanga, Fiarantsoa, Antananarivo)

  • Awareness raising on climate change and REDD+
  • Presentation and promotion on REDD+ thematic
  • Youth empowerment skills as added value to the project on Advocacy, leadership, gender and youth participation, Global Goals

Success stories, sharing skills sessions and exchange

with environmentalists, activists, scientific researchers from various platform (National REDD+ platforms, NGOs…)

Exchange/sharing sessions in forms of panel : guest speakers : national REDD+ coordination regional directions of ministry of environment, environmental NGOs, gender expert, REDD+ CSO representative, regional directions of ministry of youth, regional National Chapter PACJA representatives in the environmentalists and climate activists during which panelists gave presentations related to youth participation/engagement, environmental situations and measures taken within the region, climate change and REDD+ related issues and how to better improve synergies among stakeholders.

Youth participants had the opportunity to interact with panels and ask questions and exchange ideas and insights to inspire and to enhance youth engagement and meaningfully to bridge generational exchange

National sensitization campaigns

campaigns and advocacy to promote REDD+ and helping mitigate climate change within
the 4 consultancy locations.

After each capacity building from youth leadership and perspectives, youth platforms were built in order to maximize, harmonized and enhance youth participation in raising awareness and sensitizing local communities on REDD+, climate change and environment protection. With technical and financial support from Gasy Youth Up, they have designed national sensitization campaigns on the related issues ( deforestation, forest degradation…) but most importantly facilitating understanding of local communities in using simplified language that speak to local communities’ realities and experiences.

Financial support provided aimed at first to support youth platforms at a short-term period but youth platforms up to now are mobilizing their own resources if needed to carry on their sensitization and awareness raising campaigns but also, we have recorded an increased participation of youth partnering with regional ministry of environment offices for tree plantings and other related sensitization campaigns